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Modern cutting-edge equipment is the guarantee of quality of our products. In the course of production, we use the equipment made by Engitec Technologies S.p.A (Italy) specifically designed and intended for the manufacturing of secondary lead, which allows to significantly increase the efficiency of the whole technological process.

The plant is designed for processing lead-acid batteries scrap and waste and for manufacturing lead and lead-based alloys.

After the radiological control, the accepted spent lead-acid batteries scrap is discharged into the feeding hopper and is transported to the handling and separation area by belt conveyor.

The batteries are being ground and separated by the separator into metallic lead, lead paste, polypropylene, separator and solid rubber. The handling and separation area is equipped with the dry gas treatment system.

The separated metallic lead and lead paste are transferred to the charge makeup area where they are mixed with fluxing agents and are being prepared for melting.

The charging device charges the prepared lead-containing charge into the rotor furnace for melting. The lead obtained is transferred for further treatment to the refinery. The furnace is equipped with a ventilation system. Process and aspiration gases are being transferred to the hose filter system for treatment.

The lead refinery is equipped with six refining kettles, mixers and pumps for the purpose of carrying out operations of treatment of lead and removal of harmful impurities, as well as for alloying lead to produce special alloys.

A horizontal automatic casting line with a system of laying and packaging of lead ingots into bundles is used for casting ready products, lead and lead alloys, into ingots.

Computerized automatization of the entire technical process enables us to implement the production control system in the digital form and to adjust seamless interaction between its elements minimizing the likelihood of occurrence of errors or failures in the course of production.