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ISO 9001:2008


certified brand


registered member



Our main goal in the area of quality is to ensure the stable high level of material quality, its competitive edge and meeting the demands of the global market. The quality management system of our enterprise is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and is focused on:

  • Ensuring continuous quality control;
  • Developing and performing of technical and organizational measures on quality improvement;
  • Preventing production of non-confirming material;
  • Regular maintenance and repairs of operating machinery;
  • Training and professional development of specialists of all levels.

Laboratory certification

Our laboratory is certified to conduct all the measurings required in the course of manufacturing.

Availability of certified equipment and qualified personnel enables us to carry out high-precision analysis of our products.

High quality rate is guaranteed by the in-time control of the technological process at each manufacturing step, what prevents supply of non-conforming products to our customers.


Svinets is a registered LME brand approved for supplies against the London Metal Exchange contracts. The products strictly comply with the standards of the LME in terms of quantity, grade, shape and dimensions.


Svinets is a registered member of the Bureau of International Recycling and contributes to the promotion of waste utilization and free material trade suitable for recycling.